What exactly will the Union Master Plan bring?

Here are some of the more specific plans for the University Union…

1. New sustainable building: Construction plans are being made to remodel the current facility into a more sustainable and advanced building. This will help to decrease environmental concerns and prevent future repair costs.

2. New and more advanced technology and aspects of the facility itself: includes air, heat, plumbing, wifi access, and audio/visual equipment.

3. More dining options, space, and service: Dining options that fit the needs and wishes of the UNT community. More dining space for the growing student body.

4. Numerous adequate study/leisure spaces: More than what is currently provided. Larger areas.

5. More areas for group meetings, student organizations, and offices: Offices and meeting spaces reserved for student organizations and the rest of the UNT community.

6. Increased displays of UNT spirit, tradition, and pride: Includes visual representation, historical displays, and other symbolism to create a prideful atmosphere within the facility.

Check out the FAQ page for more details…


4 thoughts on “What exactly will the Union Master Plan bring?

  1. Thanks, Emily! The board of regents is going to vote on it in August, and we’ll hopefully have architects here in October to come up with some design options for students to view and vote on before March of 2012. The building would hopefully open sometime in the year 2016 to 2017.


  2. I’m confused, would they be tearing down the old union to build this one? And also, why the focus on green energy? Don’t we have bigger worries?


    • Hi Becky! Thanks for your question. More than likely we would be expanding and renovating the building, so it would be part new construction and part complete renovation. This would allow us to cut costs while maximizing the value students will get from the union master plan. In addition, this would allow students to continue to use the union during the entire building process. We continue to focus on sustainable building practices because we are hoping to provide the very best for our current and future UNT students and visitors. As you know, UNT is serious about being a green campus, and the president has even signed the American College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment, which you can read more about here: http://www.presidentsclimatecommitment.org/about/commitment. Part of that commitment is the agreement that all new construction on campus will be built to at least the LEED certified silver status. We are aiming high and shooting for platinum status. You can learn more about that here: http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=222. There are tons of wikipedia entries about it as well.

      We do have lots of challenges, and none are more greater than others, the most important thing to the Union Master Plan Committee is that we are able to provide the very best for our current UNT students and those in the future as well. Sustainability is just one factor of many that the committee and the campus must take into consideration when deciding what a new Union may look like and mean for UNT.

      Architects will be holding focus groups in the next few weeks to talk more in depth about student concerns. I would love to personally invite you to attend a session and share your thoughts and opinions. We value each person’s ideas greatly. Thank you again, Becky. You can always email union@unt.edu if you would like further clarification.


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